Woodward Avenue Tributes

Calori & Vanden-Eynden conceived a series of 30-foot tall, illuminated towers that relay the heritage of renowned Woodward Avenue, now designated as a National Byway. A tower is currently planned for each community—approximately 10 in all—along the 26 mile stretch of this historic route from Detroit to Pontiac. The Tributes graphically tell stories of the automotive industry, music, civil rights, art and culture, and labor movements, among others.

Four towers have been designed and installed to date, with funding currently available for three more. Fundraising continues for the remaining towers. Various designers and artists will develop themes and images for the future installations. “The Woodward Avenue Tributes celebrate America’s unique treasures, and the spirit of America’s Byways. The Federal Highway Administration is delighted to be part of such an exciting program for Woodward Avenue.”

Gary Jensen, Director of the Federal Highway Administration
Woodward Avenue Action Association, Sponsor


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Detroit, Michigan, United States

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