Wonder Mall

Wonder Mall is located at Shijiazhuang of Hebei province. The client is Tiancheng Enterprise Group.

There is total 170,000 square meter of floor area. The shopping mall occupies the five-story podium, basement one and basement mezzanine. There are three high-rise towers on top of the podium. They are office tower, hotel tower, and condo tower. The basement 2 and 3 are parking garage, providing 1,000 parking spaces.

Wonder Mall is adjacent to the Hebei Art Center and Yu-Yuan Plaza. Together, they form a trinity of commercial and cultural center, featuring a unique urban space and commercial environment in Shijiazhuang. The combined plaza of the three buildings will accommodate the Star Avenue of the Wu-Qiao Acrobat Festival and further define the best urban plaza of the city.

The interior of the shopping mall is organized by a single circulation. This simple and clear space organization is essential for a dead-corner free shopping environment. The carve-outs on each floors provide vertical connection of all floors, visually and physically, to created a single integrated environment for relaxing and easy shopping and entertainment.

Design Concept:
The mission of the Wonder Mall is to promote and provide a locale for the life style of contemporary metropolis through all the functions and amenities it offers, including shopping, recreation, entertainment, dining, and health. Vitality and fashion is expected to permeate the entire project. Eventually, Wonder Mall will deliver a place where consumers in Shijiazhuang can experience the life style and commercial activities common to modern citizens all over the world.

Sense of Fashion is the key element of Wonder Malls architecture. It is the strong character of the exterior this design find a perfect stage for its drama. The final building will possess a unique and fresh appearance that will transform its surroundings.

The building mass, strategically, is treated as a fashion model, whereas the curtain wall of the building the wares for the model to dress. The final architecture suggests a fashion show where excitement and visual pleasure are expected and experienced.

In execution, the architectural design of the skin take cue from techniques often used on textiles and clothing design such as cut, wrap, fold, weave, and layering. Utilizing these techniques creates a surface effect that is elegant and mesmerizing.


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