Waste Heat Recover Power Plant

Design for largest waste heat recovery Plant in the world. A total of 3,300 Ton Steel and 7,000 m3 concrete were used to construct this mammoth project. Components included five Boiler Houses, a TG Building, 35 MW TG Deck, TG Deck Foundation, DM WareHouse, etc. The approving agency was Ercom. VMS was engaged by ThyssenKrupp. The project was completed in a record six months including the civil & steel structure design, approval and fabrication drawings. Designing for extremely congested spaces in the existing cement plant were uniquely challenging. Numerous underground utilities blocked the footprint of proposed underground structures. This issue was tackled by a unique solution for the sub structure design. Design adheres to the Eurocode standards. British standard steel sections were used for the project. http://www.vmsconsultants.com/heavy-structures/


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Gulf, United Arab Emirates

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