Warehouse Restoration of Public Library and Music School

Restoration of the “Los Reales de Almonte” Warehouse for use as a public library, and School of Arts (Music, Dance and Art).  The project is centred on a warehouse registered as being of Cultural Interest.

It is situated in the “Culture City” in Almonte, next to the town’s new Theatre and enclosed within a public square.

Specifically, the library is located in a wine cellar, typical of the local area.  The building is 78m long and 10,5m wide, with a total area of 821 m² The building is open on 3 sides.

The work carried included the construction of a gallery with a new structure and foundations without alerting the original structure of the building to maintain and incorporate the original features.  The library occupies 14 of the 17 modules, the 3 remaining modules in the East Wing house the Arts Schools.

The main Entrance is in the South-East of the building, in such a way that gives it a spacious feel.  Book control / loaning / administration is the first area encountered, that has a controlled height.  This is followed by Press and Reading Room using the full height of the Warehouse.  The last area is the Children’s Area lit by large and diffuse light sources, with a small storage area and a second flight of stairs.  In the upper floor there is a Reading Room and Audio-Visuals.

The project accentuates the original features of the building, as a Warehouse, creating different spaces each adapted to its new use.  The interior design and furniture forms a fundamental part of the work, with simple designs easily repeatable within the different needs and varied program of the library and public services offered in this space.


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Almonte, Spain

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