Wang Jing Cheng Ying Center

We are grateful to have an opportunity to participate in the development for the upcoming Subway Line 14 in Beijing. We are currently working on a commercial complex project named the “Wang Jing Cheng Ying Center” which has an area of 22,200 ㎡ located in the heart of the Business District. The Wangjing Cheng Ying Center’s landscape structure consists of three main square components, three main entrance by using modern design techniques, a vivid art and fashion to enhance the atmosphere of the squares so people can feel the proximity of both the level of scattered among the landscape and the forestry canyon smooth cool feel. The overall project focuses on eco-friendliness by using a permeable pavement which allows rainwater to be collected in order to save to water for recycling capabilities to meet the park landscape water. We also incorporated environmental friendly materials into our landscape design to accurately calculated the reduce waste of material to cut down to maximum utilization.  Going Green!


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Beijing, China

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