Walnut Street Tiny House

This tiny house is a home for myself, my wife, and our cat.  It has an open plan with high ceilings and a loft over the full bath and a closet area.  The full kitchen fills the length of the south wall to facilitate cooking and canning which are important to us.  The living, dining, and office area (couch, table, desk) make up the rest of the room, and blend into a multipurpose room that feels spacious for any one use at a time or the seating can be combined for entertaining.  The wall in that divides the space is a public/private divide behind which all dressing, sleeping, and bathing happens.  The wall is clad in basic builder’s plywood and treated with a natural wax, so it blends refinement with structural materials normally relegated to the inside of walls and floors.  To emphasize this the window frames are CDX plywood as well blending finish and structure.  The box is dressed in a rain screen made of shou shugi ban, charred cedar, that has a good natural finish and corrugated metal.  The aesthetic borrows from the language of agricultural structures in the area, like the black barns in the Louisville, KY and the adjacent light industrial buildings. The house is efficient in more than its size.  Two by six framing, triple pane glass, and a heat pump for space conditioning make this a comfortable house all year.  It’s been surprisingly comfortable and accommodating in the year we have lived here, it doesn’t feel radical at all.


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Yellow Springs, Ohio, 45387, United States

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