Vinícola Cuna de Tierra / Cuna de Tierra winery

Using the winery’s name as a concept driver (Cuna de Tierra / Soil Cradle), and its connection to the context, this project shows an exploration on the relationship between wine development and the site where these grape fields are.

The soil as one of the main elements for the growth of the vine trees becomes the main material for the construction of a group of built spaces that intend to merge with its landscape.

By working with independent structures, the project explores the possible interactions and tensions created between the volumes, the voids between them, and their relation with the functional process of the winery.

The approach on designing a high standard winery with the less-than-average number of high-tech constructive systems, show different solutions to the project. These are revealed on the design of natural lighting and ventilation cavities around the spaces of the winery.

The mix of the soil walls, with the wood and concrete –gathered natively-, tends to transmit to Cuna de Tierra’s workers and visitors a clean man-made construction taken out of the richness of its natural context.


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Guanajuato, Mexico

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