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Following the overall theme of the ZAC (mixed development zone), the building adopts an overarching sustainable development approach: the use of external sun shades provides effective protection from mid-season and summer solar inputs, but without blocking natural daylight.

In keeping with the urban and architectural rules of the ZAC, the building comprises a stamped concrete podium upon which the main portion of the building from the 3rd storey to the 7th storey sits, and a recessed attic. The whole building rises, at its highest point, to 10 storeys on the north side on Avenue du Mondial 98, and to 6 storeys on the south side, with varying heights for the “terraced” top stories.

A five-storey main building was preferred to the four recommended by the ZAC rules, in order to lighten the volume of the “box” formed by the top attic floors (two floors containing two large luxury apartments).

The building has a complex volume formed by a series of recesses and overhangs. All homes will have a balcony or terrace, protected by fixed or sliding panels: the whole constitutes a consistent volume finished in a red colour palette (metal cladding, in aluminum cassette panels).

While satisfying the rules of the ZAC, this project is a block of dwellings with a strong, clear identity which contributes a touch of luxury amid the diverse architectural styles on offer in the Parc Marianne ZAC.


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Montpellier, France

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