Vali Homes Infill Prototype House

Creating affordable ultra-sustainable housing for infill lots across Metropolitan Phoenix:

Working with Vali Homes, a Developer/Sustainable-Consultant and 180 Degrees, a quality General Contractor, our Team has engaged in studying various structures, methods and materials for building on empty lots in well-established Phoenix neighborhoods. These homes are meant as a contemporary equivalent of the “case study” homes of the 1960s- though built for our time and place, and with sustainability in mind. The home surpasses LEED Platinum certification, and has a blower test rating of .68 ach50.

Using energy calculation software, we project the 1500 GSF house will use around 6000 kWh (about $700 worth) of electricity per year. The installed 3.5 kW solar PV system offsets this usage, creating a net-zero energy home. Contact us today to start the process of owning one of these homes, and begin saving money by living free of the power grid.


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Phoenix, Arizona, United States

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