Urban Food Production

After decades of thinking of the city as gridded and mineral-based, dedicated to the car and the service sector, to efficiency and to progress, today urban societies find themselves at the center of an interesting shift: one transforming the values of economy into the values of ecology.
Our planning and architectural languages will, from here on, account for these changes. New projects will need to demonstrate a superior flexibility in order to stretch wide between form and usage.
These city garden Whirls! can function for agricultural production and subsequent transformation into foodstuffs: restaurants, school canteens, bottling, filling or cannery sites…
They encourage the promotion of a collective consciousness around notions of cooking and table arts, environmental respect, and the solidarity of nourishment. Crowned with city wind turbines and physically close to end-users, the Whirls! form a new city landscape in opposition to certain degrading effects of industrialization and the standardization of fast-food culture…


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