University of Technology, Sydney

Working in collaboration with Gardner Wetherill & Associates, BrandCulture were once again invited to consult on the Environmental graphics in the Digital-Labs opened October 2010. The new environment is located in the Design Architecture and Building Faculty at The University of Technology Sydney. The concept was simple and in keeping with the approach to the Fabrication Workshop and Photo-media lab environments undertaken the previous year (again to great success) – ‘Celebrate the Medium and Don’t Ignore the Obvious!’. The space is visually open utilising full length glass walls to maintain visual connectivity throughout the learning spaces and central collaborative area leading you through to the print shop and tutors private rooms. The skin flows continuously along the glass walls, across the entrance and back to the end of the main room then around the corner onto the pin board in the print whop. The design recognises, architecture, typography and environmental graphics as the key influencing factors on the users of the space. The teaching rooms, where designated by distorted typographic numbers, were also designated a longitude and latitude of iconic and relevant buildings around the globe that will in some way influence the mind of the faculty staff and students for years to come. This framework skin, a tribute to computer modelling, not only acts as a divide between those in class and the users of the active central space but transposes it’s form into the print shop; this area has a collaborative pin board wall with pixelated students printed into the mesh and wraps through the floor and up onto the 6 meter cutting table. Both integrate the medium used in the space referencing paper sizes form A5 to A2 for both alignment and a reminder that everything that is realised (built) will eventually become a relative size that people will experience and interact with in some way. This environment is a good example that a space such as this with environmental graphics doesn’t have to be heavily branded with communications and values but can add a real sense of relativity and enlighten people for years to come…


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Sydney, Australia

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