TRAD Foodcourt

This building is a development building for PT.TRAD facility in Indonesia. The owner, just like when he designed the TRAD Japanese Mosque, wants a Food Court area for employees that can makes the atmosphere of TRAD factory better. Architects use the same concept as before, where the architect tried to combine the style of Japanese architecture and contemporary architecture. The architects created a mass forms of simple paper folds, and then combine it with the game of white concrete, woods and beige color as the character of the style of modern Japanese – style house at this time. Inside, there are several boxes of tiles that are studded with white and black stones and they put a tree that come through the roof of the building. The objective of this design is to create a piece of architecture that remains at one with nature so users feels relax when resting and eating is an exciting time for them. There are also Japanese writing on the front of the building which means Foodcourt. The form of simple boxes all at ones is an attractive decorative element for the building later.


Project Type


Jababeka, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

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