Renovation of an old cottage at the mountains of Evoia.

A new building that doesnt offend the pre-existing residence reveals itself behind it, without imitating the pre-existing, declaring the continuation of action, in the same place.
This small plot of surface, hardly 200 sq. m. with the existing stone building of 50 sq. m. surface transforms into a shelter, which the adult members of the owning family can escape to, leaving behind the intensity of the city.
An effort to enlarge and modernize the small available building space of 60 square meters so that enables the function of:
a kitchen – dining room, a living room with a fireplace, two master bedrooms with exclusive baths, a guest bath, as well as essential stocking spaces.
The new building addition is arranged in such way, that doesnt overshadow the existing building, and occupies the smaller possible part of the plot.

The old building entertains the common spaces cooker, sedentary, while the spaces of night are articulated via a transparent passage, creating a small protected courtyard between the two building volumes.
While moving into the sleeping area, the feeling of isolation and privacy increases. The low ceiling of the bedroom spaces, the unhindered optical contact with the exterior in combination with the linear surfaces, causes tranquility and helps in relaxation.
The focus of the elongated window above the bed provides a sleep under a tree cluster.
The use of spotlights, which follow a grid, enables the unification of the interior – exterior space and at the same time it theatrically lights up the old building.
Absence of lightning elements in the existing building, and transformation of the roof structure into a lightning element.
An effort to alleviate the new building addition volume, via its transparent internal view.
Visual enlargement of the yard, through the transparency that the glass fence provides whose rigid concrete base is used as an outdoor bench.


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Public Street, Eretria, 579,