Thompson LES

We have taken a bold stance on the wide boulevard of Allen Street. The main canopy is a thick stainless steel plate that cantilevers 15 from the double-height entry faade at the base of the building. Above this the building cantilevers over the adjacent properties in a four-story terracotta-clad volume. The building is crowned with a mechanical screen that is perforated with the hoteliers logo.

The project explores the hotel room typology as exemplified by the use of the sculptural water-white glass shower cube and the integrated desk, bench and stainless steel tube supporting an LCD monitor.

The brands luxury aesthetic is expressed through clean modern design of forms and surfaces and uses materials such as cast glass, exotic wood species, and lacquered millwork. These have been combined with materials such as black glass, stainless steel, graphite, and exposed architectural concrete throughout the building.

Additionally, the team commissioned and consigned the installation of work by locally practicing and internationally known contemporary artists including Peter Halley, Gerard Malanga, Lee Friedlander and Ryan McGinness.


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New York,