The Wind Strips

The house which located in maleo 7 Bintaro originated from a gradual renovation process. Without many changes to the structure of the house, the architect did some architectural strategy and add more spaces for the needs of client itself. The styleof the house converted from a tropical style into a modern contemporer style by utilizing Nako glass and implemented with a different look and technic. The architect chose that specific material because Nako glass can be open and close easily so that optimal air will divert into the house. The Nako glass punctuated with clear glass and reyband giving the sense of lights and become a unique house facade. The downstairs area of the house optimized into an open park and into the outdoor communal area for the occupants of the house. Architect cultivate a garden complete with a pond, rocks and a concrete chairs for interacting facilities. Changes in this park as well as make the concept of this house without a fence and open to anyone who passes by, given its location at the edge of a fairly secure complex. Concrete pots planted with plants help provide a fresh impression in this house.


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Maleo, Bintaro, Tangerang, 15229, Indonesia

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