The Water Lilies Pavilion

Recently, Memphis’ Dixon Gallery and Gardens was able to secure one of Claude Monet’s famous water-lily painting on permanent loan from the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The project is a Water Lilies Pavilion to be built in the Dixon Gardens, exclusively dedicated to the exhibition of this extraordinary work. The project was conceived as an extension of the gardens and it is placed carefully in the site as a hidden jewel about to be discovered. The building is located on the Southeast corner of the property and it is placed to the East/West axis from an existing Pavilion and to the North/South axis from Elm Tree Lawn. The proposed pavilion pays respect to the existing site and surroundings through the use of the same existing materials and colors. Through its angular gesture, this “hidden jewel” invites people to come inside to enjoy and learn about art. The facility also has a Tea House amenity where people are invited to seat and have a cup of tea while enjoying the beautiful gardens.


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4339 Park Ave, Memphis, Tennessee, 38117, United States

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