The New Overpass

The Costa e Silva Overpass, locally known as the Minhoco or Big earthworm, is located in the centre of So Paulo. Everyday, 80 thousand vehicles pass through this 3-kilometre thoroughfare running in the east-west direction. With two subway stations along the overpass and a bus terminal attached, the area is an important transport node.
The structure is also used for recreational purposes on weekends and holidays. However, the Minhoco has brought about major physical and environmental deterioration to its surroundings, in some sections there is only 5 meters of distance with adjacent buildings.
The proposal envisions a structure that maintains the current transport functions while being transformed into an unprecedented topography which will allow for multiple urban uses, function and links. An elevated park will cover the traffic lanes along the entire extension of overpass. Lateral galleries for diversified uses will be located in strategic sites. Annexed and coordinated to this new scenario, infrastructure improvements will improve accessibility to the facilities and a series of public programs will secure their vibrancy.
As a significant feature in the landscape of So Paulo, Minhoco has the potential to become one of the most inspirational constructions in the citys infrastructure. The recuperation and transformation of this decadent symbol provides a remarkable opportunity to change peoples everyday life in So Paulo.
Demolition doesnt interest us. Our goal is to revitalize.


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