The Green Ship

The house located in a green valley in Cikarang is the home of a sailor who lives with his child and mother. Architects try to dig client’s character with his sailor profession, by applying it to a wide variety of architectural such philosophical balcony shape that resembles the dock, and the shape of an elongated mass of the building such ships, as well as part of the 2nd floor where the window is made from rayband glass pattern that forms a sailor symbol pattern. The architect also implements elements of green architecture in this home by making the central part of the mass of the hall to 2 openings on the right and left sides for air circulation to flow freely there. The hallways are filled with terraced flower pots that will make a green display in the house interior, also to be a place for the client’s mother who likes gardening, with stone blushes on the ground that will be a foot therapy for her.


Project Type


Lembah Hijau, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

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