Appearance opened located on a small hill, the big mouth the location house impressive.Title of the house called “TEPE” was named from the meaning of “” hill “in Turkish.

Mainly denominated, wife of full-time housewife and husband of Employed in certain IT companies. The site is located right beside the house of your parents live next to.
After you have installed the approach stairs and parking on part of the site facing the road plan, we have to be able to access the entrance of the top of the hill.

View from living room dining which is provided on the first floor is just breathtaking.It can be taken as views over the great well-kept garden in your parents home of adjacent land. It may be said that due to the effect of a gradual step that divides the dining and living room, stage properties to be high and a feature of this space.

Thanks to the Chianti balcony sticking out to make good use of the site with limited line of sight from the road surface and at the same time is interrupted, you can enjoy a semi-outdoor space with the depth.
In contrast to the first floor open-minded, and place the courtyard to be surrounded by children room and bedroom on the second floor. You can enjoy a sky garden and private.Housing gem Ken main Hisense has cooked the material called “spectacular” was completed.


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Higashikurume, Tokyo, Japan

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