Tencent Headquarters

A Vertical City – the Tencent Headquarter Located in the Nanshan High Tech Park in Shenzhen, China, this 2011 competition proposal for the Tencent Headquarter is conceived as a “Vertical City” to reflect the collaborative corporate culture of the company.   The design turns a traditional campus plan vertical, creating a series of communal zones in space.  These “courtyards-in-the-sky” facilitate communications, interactions and create places of activities. They are knitted together by a network of vertical streets with atriums and escalators to form a loop of events; thereby activating the two towers, as the street would liven up the city. The headquarter complex will consist of two 44-story 200m tall office towers, with a total GFA of 270,000 sq.m.  The two towers are linked together in three places, in the podium, mid-tower and upper-tower, by communal program components.  This allows the two towers to work seamlessly as one.


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Shenzhen, China

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