Technical Building in La Fouillade

The federation of municipalities of the county of Najac is rapidly expanding. Its new needs in terms of infrastructures required the expansion of its waste treatment centre. To meet their needs, we have developed a project composed of two different parts. The first one aims at expanding and upgrading the waste treatment centre with the creation of a one-way, the installation of anti-fall devices and the materialization of the pedestrian zone. The other one is the creation of a building which allows to stock waste collection material and to offer a resting space to the staff. Facing these purely technical specifications, we tried to demonstrate that architecture could be everywhere, whatever the scale and the nature of the project.

The new building is defined by simple volumes, which meet programmatic needs. Thus, a high volume composed of two spans connects the working spaces and a low volume joins the technical and resting parts. The gap between the two entities highlights the main access.

Shapes simplicity and material sobriety are in harmony. Volumes are unified thanks to a golden grey metal casing. Their undulations cause a change of colors depending on the luminosity. The project has been built on a dark grey base that marks the continuity of the asphalt floor and integrates all the openings.

The use of simple processes to provide natural light allows the creation of luminous and pleasant interior spaces. Indeed, a siding made of translucent polycarbonate creates a diffuse light in the working areas and wide picture windows open resting spaces onto the exterior. Through this project, we tried to prove that all the subjects and contexts deserve the same attention in terms of architectural conception.


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La Fouillade, France

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