Syngenta – Crop Lab, Strategic Plan, and Site Master Plan

This Fortune 500 biotechnology company has purchased a new site adjacent to its existing lab building at its national headquarters for research and development.  Flad Architects was selected to evaluate the site, present phased project scenarios for flexible modular development, and provide a site master plan document that will serve as a living tool to guide site development, relocation strategies from existing facilities, and long-term planning guidelines based on projected growth scenarios. In conjunction with the site master plan, Flad provided design services for a Phase 1 greenhouse / crop lab project as the first phase of site development.  The new crop lab will provide additional capacity for the over-populated existing greenhouse environment.  The company’s ability to provide adequate growth environments for development of multiple stacked traits and cross-functional products is a critical component of business growth.  The facility is programmed to be BSL-3 capable for future implementation. The laboratory growth chambers will have the ability to control all environmental variables (light, temperature, moisture, etc.) as well as precisely measure plant responses.  The growth chambers were designed specifically for Syngenta using technology developed by NASA for growing vegetation on space stations. The biotechnology research will focus on genetics of crops such as corn, soybeans, sugar cane, rice, wheat, and vegetables.  Agronomic traits will be developed to optimize crop yields by aiding in the efficient use of resources or by resisting stresses. Sustainability initiatives include green roofs, rain water collection, LED lighting, economizer A/C cycles, and repurposed grounds to include more green space while preserving all hardwood trees.  The crop lab project was awarded Three Green Globes (equivalent to LEED Gold).


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Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, United States

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