Swiss Pavilion

The contribution of Switzerland to the World Exhibition is presenting itself as a hybrid nature/technique structure. A green meadow in a abstract shape of the country is raised above the ground and is protecting the lower city lounge. A chair-lift is connecting the two worlds. The course is taking the visitor from the hectic and liveliness of the open lounge for a calm journey to the natural landscape. The project is connecting subjects of sustainability and quality of life in reference to the Expo subject “Better city better life”. Sustainable developments are only possible when ecological, economical and social aspects are in balance. Arachaic round pillars which are conically opening towards the ceiling, are bearing the widely cantilevering roof. They contain program such as a laborous exhibition space, a restaurant and shop as well as a big screen projection.

The air-permeable net façade is tensioned from the roof edge to the ground. It gives hold to the urban space and underlines the form of the roof edge without visually and climatically cutting the inside of the pavilion from the outside. The net facade is equipped with round-shaped elements that are equipped with an energy collector, a memory and a consumer. The energy generated by the solar cells will light up LED lights so the façade becomes a twinkling curtain. The visualisation of the in the environment occurring energy shall sensitise the visitors about their natural existence.


Project Type




  • Buchner Bründler Architekten
  • Iwan Baan