Sukabumi Resort

A Family Resort located in the queen ‘s harbor has 5 main buildings, the Main House, The Service, house parents, and 2 Villa styles . Saw the potential sites owned architects try to maximize the wind, however, there is a long coastline and View that directly borders on this site, the House is designed with openings that as many to maximize the winds and as wide as possible to view toward the outer building. Material that is used is wood that is dominated by coconut tree that is local material in and around sites. Almost all elements in the house complete timber, floors, walls, columns, to ceiling, considering also acidity land that was made using material steel or aluminum easily get rusty. Because the Owner also lend resort is for tourists who came with the main markets foreigner (band), then made the building villa and the house page includes balcony and the core a very broad and open, considering foreginer relative loves the area that is very great; and fully opened with the sun’s rays. In an area the resort swimming pool there are areas and some areas amphitheatre to socialize other user resort. Along the roads connecting buildings given pot big box to the right and left hand to coconut trees can be arranged neatly in the site is about 7000m.


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Pelabuhan Ratu, Jawa Barat, Indonesia

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