Studio on Northern Ave.

The Studio is designed for exposition of private collections, exhibitions, meetings and art presentations. The project is implemented in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

The interior is entirely made of a single material – that is a light-gray concrete. Gray concrete is a good backdrop for exhibitions of art works. The interior design goes to the background and emphasizes the exhibits, serves as a backdrop for exposition, without diverting visitors’ attention. Due to this, interior becomes universal and extravagant, at the same time remaining practical, durable and, importantly, economical.

Works of Parajanov, Mark Rodko, Robert Mozervela, Ashot Avagyan, Anatoly Pananyan are used in the visualization

Architects: Telemak ANANYAN, Gohar ISAKHANYAN, Anahit MKHCHYAN
3D modeling and visualization: Karen AGHAJANYAN


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Northern ave., Yerevan, Armenia, Armenia

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