Star Lane Residential Development

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We were commissioned to provide landscape related information for a detailed planning submission for this proposed 120 unit, 3.2ha residential development located at the edge Green Belt. The proposed built form is of a low density, with each unit having access to a private rear garden.

The majority of the public realm within the site adopts the principals of Home Zone, with carriageway and footway being on the same level. This design is to encourage vehicular traffic to move slowly and to give the pedestrian priority. Slower traffic speeds will also enable and encourage safe doorstep play.

Generally, each unit frontage accommodates one parking space, pedestrian access to the property  and boundary planting. There are other small blocks of unallocated parking throughout the site.

Three community parks are accommodated within the site, two of which have dedicate play grounds.


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Southend On Sea, United Kingdom (GB)

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