St Anns Warehouse Tobacco Warehouse Adaptive Reuse

Constructed within the existing perimeter walls of the 19th century Tobacco Warehouse shell, the adaptive reuse for the St. Anns Warehouse experimental theater company will create a one-of-a-kind performing arts facility and community cultural center in the heart of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

With minimal architectural intervention to the beloved ruin, H3s design envisions a modern warehouse for the arts to support St. Anns Warehouses creative and versatile approach to theater-making, as well as community artistic and educational programs.

Two multi-purpose rooms provide flexible performance space under one roof in the rectangular portion of the Warehouse. A principal performance space accommodates productions, festivals, and large events and a smaller venue houses rehearsals, community performances, meetings, and educational activities. Both spaces will be outfitted with necessary infrastructure to support a wide range of flexible staging and seating possibilities for 100-700 people. The project is anticipating a LEED Silver Rating or higher.

The open-air Triangle doubles as pre-function space and a caf for Brooklyn Bridge Park, allowing visitors to experience and savor the character of the Tobacco Warehouses exposed, unaltered walls. The Garden inside includes landscaped planting beds, caf tables, and chairs, and the original archways open to the Park.

Alive with year-round activity, the project will reinvigorate the Warehouse as a focal point for the neighborhood and a celebrated cultural institution for New York City.


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Water Street New Dock Street, Brooklyn, 11201,