Sprung Fabric Building – Unique Architectural Form

Sprung Fabric Structure is considered as a unique architectural form that can be used in many applications. For more than one hundred twenty years of business operations, Sprung continues to make advancements to become one of the leading companies in the industry that manufactures fabric structures. The company works with a team who focuses on making flexible building designs like mining buildings that can evolve according to the needs of the clients. The building solutions can be used in industrial, commercial, hospitality, community, sports and recreation, government and transportation sectors. Sprung Fabric Structure is used in over ninety countries all across the world as an effective alternative building solution. The architectural forms made of fibers can be transferred easily from one place to another, since these are portable and movable. The fabricated structures are innovative to look like the conventional ones. The products are made of light materials, so the light can easily pass, allowing the users to save energy. The team is very dedicated to install and assemble the buildings quickly to be used by the users immediately. Furthermore, you can take time to visit their website http://www.sprung.com/structures/industrial-buildings/oil-gas-structures to know more about about the latest oil gas structures.


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Calgary, T2H 1H9, Canada

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