Rietlanden Sports Hall

The new sports hall the Rietlanden II, together with the adjacent sports hall the Rietlanden I and the gymnasium a new sizzling sports in Lelystad. By expanding with a new hall existing facilities a new complex with a new orientation and gravity arises. By building between the existing building to convert the entire area a fresh new impetus. The building shares the two long sides of the existing building, this precondition is enhanced by the contrasting materials. Here, the long sides with a brightly colored color pattern, and both ends a light and transparent appearance. Because the entrance is shifted the sports get a new front which orients itself on the playing fields through a large glass atrium with striking staircase. The building makes use of subtle touches such as perforations and shutters allow more detail in the area and on the surface ground, and the liveliness of using outside experience. Due to the well-threaded map is created on the floor fine spatial and functional link between the old and the new sports hall. In this transparent intermediate zone is a pleasant spatial catering space situated overlooking both room sharing.Coupled with the hospitality industry is an open air stand towards the new hall and an outdoor terrace overlooking the outdoor sports. The ground floor provides the corridor with six changing rooms for a clear link between the existing part and the new entrance and hall. For the materialization of the interior is a sober and subdued palette with accents in floors and walls, noting the texture differences between the masonry interior walls and smooth floors form an exciting whole. The choice of sustainable materials creates a durable sport pleasant climate with a spatial quality.


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Rietlanden, Netherlands

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