Spazio Verdi

Spazio verdi IPZS
The new store IPZS in Piazza Verdi in Rome is located in the immediate vicinity of the historic building occupied for several decades by the Institute.
The design and construction of new spaces IPZS is based on a synthesis between historical memory and the need for renewal openly expressed by the client, the existing architectural traces, gathered in a new spatial and visual storytelling.
The space is organized on two levels, according to the functional criteria and exhibition: more public character of the ground floor with the counter, display cases and the objects exhibited in different ways, interactive technologies, and with a more restricted the first floor with a long table for the free consultation.
The two levels are offered in visual communication from an opening made in the slab that marks a double height above the entrance area.
Each piece of furniture and equipment is designed in relation to a complex interplay of visual references and alignment: on the architectural space is superimposed a watermark of spatial relations that materialize sometimes in thin patterns in metal or in the carving of the masses of the furniture creating according to the intentions of the project a dynamic space.
Elements systems:
the counter system
-the counter: it is a discontinuous element of different materials that have marked the memory craft of the institute, bronze, brass, steel, iron, glass. The counter starts with a solid mass of bronze towards the entrance and gradually dematerialized into its constituent elements of plans, structural racks, showcase exhibiting and the work plan. An integrated LED lighting system makes it also a system of exhibition of objects produced by IPZS interface element as well as with the public.
-the platform: it is a top ip treated wood off the ground the height of a step that supports the counter. The same surface continues vertically to form the front wall of the exhibitor on the wall opposite the entrance forming a folding operation.
-the frame supporting lights: the area behind the vertical plane is formed by a thin metal frame that continues horizontally just below the ceiling to support a adjustable lighting system. The metal wing also emphasizes the entrance area.
-the totem: two metal quadrangular tubes connected with regular space and right angled with different directions producing a vertical item 6m high through the hole in the ceiling above the entrance area. The totem is visible from distance, from the street and the front square and it works also as exhibition element because there are showcases hanged on it. They are designed to exhibit objects and special editions visible even when the library is closed.
-bookshelves: the orthogonal wall of the entrance faade at the ground floor is equipped with folded steel surfaces and arranged at regular intervals which will receive the editions of the official journal of the institute and the various publishing products. Other systems of wooden shelves on the first floor also acts as a container with planes of different depth that allow to exhibit products of different nature. All shelves are equipped with integrated lighting system for this purpose.
multimedia elements
-interactive projections on the glass walls windows: at ground floor, the windows become fixed projection screens and interactive multimedia for passersby on the sidewalk outside that can interact with the projected contents
-interactive table at first floor: a long white surface that folds down to accommodate the equipment of the necessary hardware for the integrated display on the top of the table. The hardware is hidden by a system of doors with metal tabs that ensure the efficient ventilation. A screen integrated into the plan allows the public to enjoy the multimedia contents of IPZS.


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