Social Houses in Motta di Livenza

A.T.E.R. (L’Azienda territoriale per l’edilizia residenziale) in Treviso is a social institution that helps to relief housing problems and supports other public entities in order to give appropriate answers to pressing needs for public intervention in the territory that these subjects can not, often for lack of funds, individually provide.

The new collective eco-friendly building in Motta di Livenza (Treviso, Italy) rises up in a residential area close to the historic centre, overlooking the “Santuario della Madonna dei Miracoli”. The project responds to the needs of public administration to find innovative solutions in the field of subsidised buildings or council houses.

The house involves the use of ecological materials applied to the building technology of pre-fabricated wood houses. By using the typical layout of the existing council houses in the area, it blends harmoniously with the natural environment. It keeps its performance and its functionality in a contemporary way.

The ground floor features a large colonnade that leads to the internal courtyard. Designed as an evergreen garden, it gives breath to the internal rooms overlooking at it. The building is organized over three floors. Using the classic technology of concrete and brick buildings for the ground floor, the other levels have a wood structure and pre-fabricated panels. A second layer of wooden plates covers the whole building and acts as a “brise soleil”. It partially hides and lightens up the “monolithic” volume.

A Pre-fabricated solution that is not only respecting the low budget category of financed buildings but also approaches the user quality in a individual an eco-friendly way.


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Motta di Livenza, Italy

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