Showroom Karelia hardwood floors

In this single-story building the area of public use was smaller than the private zone and it could not cope with the increasing customers’ requirements, this is the reason why the change of their size was the most important aim. After the renovation the edifice has a generous showroom, a meetings zone, an office, a kitchen and a bathroom. It should be mentioned that Karelia hardwood floors’ products were used wherever it was possible in the interior design. The parquet we used, Oak Story Vintage Country, brushed and oiled has the role to offer to the interior the warmth, the authenticity and the beauty of natural wood flooring. In order to increase this effect we laid this product not only on the floor, a part of the walls and the ceiling were also covered with it. The wood plating of the ceiling realizes the connection between the showroom area and the office zone and creates the impression of a generous territory; this impression is also due to the presence of mirrors and glass boundaries between areas with different functions. The black and the white, the brand colors of Karelia Hardwood Floors were used in a very creative way. We preferred to use natural materials with simple colors in order to create a clean, temperate and warm atmosphere. Every detail communicates the quality and the reliability offered by the company. The way the products are exposed is unusual and nonconformist. Thanks to an ingenious system of displaying products, almost 150 models may be viewed on a relative small space, in this way the process of finding the desired product is greatly simplified.


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Tolstoi 34, Chisinau, 2001, Moldova Republic of

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