Shanghai Derivative Development and Data Processing Center (DDPC)

The Shanghai Derivative Development and Data Processing Center forms the basis of this new type of scientific complex grouping together business and training activities around a data processing center. The site is organized by juxtaposing functions in a way similar to that of components laid out on a motherboard. The vast rectangular site located to the south of the city of Zhangjian is well adapted to the operation. The river flowing along the south of the site provides the edge to the green carpet on which each element is laid out. Broken down into different sized and shaped units, the building complex is neatly laid out in this garden, with logical pathways leading between entities that are fully identifiable by their architecture. The various uses are broken down into zones, with separations made between management, training, meeting, service and leisure premises in accordance with a logic dictated by security, a public esplanade to the west, and the highly protected data processing center lying in the heart of the site. The interlinked offices are aligned to the north and give onto the street while the gardens directly extend without interruption onto a riverside pathway to the south. Covering a total of 100 000 square meters the program organizes the protection of the buildings by locking-in the site, while the gardens open onto the river to provide a pleasant working environment. With the exception of the gold-colored metal-clad data processing center, most of the buildings have a dark colored terracotta tiled finish with openings reflecting the needs of the activities taking place within. As the key element in the program, the data processing center rises up conspicuously in the very center of the composition, sheltered from the services wall.




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Shanghai, China

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