Science Village

We were appointed by our client to provide landscape related information to discharge landscape conditions; enable the tender of the external works package; periodically attend progress meeting and to inspect the on site works.

The Science Village development is a laboratory and office space building set within the attractive setting of open parkland, an arboretum and lakes. These in conjunction with other laboratory, office and supporting buildings combine to form Chesterford Research Park.

The main body of the external works within this development is comprised of vehicular circulation, parking and pedestrian circulation. The palette of materials were carefully selected to ensure the landscape setting complemented that of the built form. Contrasting materials were selected to define the vehicular running surface and the parking bays, with contrasting blocks defining the edges of the individual bays.

The edge of the plot is defined in such a way so as to be sympathetic to it rural landscape setting, using mainly native hedging species and trees. The design intention was to provide valuable wildlife habitat and foraging opportunities for the fauna found within the vicinity of the park and to support our client’s BREEAM application. Planting within the plot is of a more ornamental style and is visually appropriate to its mainly hard paved setting.


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Little Chesterford, United Kingdom (GB)

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