Saint-Guénolé Abbey of Landévennec

The Abbey of St Guénolé has been renovated in continuity with its history, function and unity. Comprising a nave, a monks’ choir and a sanctuary, the building is organized according to the geometry around its west-east axis and a rhythm governing the whole composition.

In the monks’ choir, the community is seated in an open semicircle, structuring the unity of the group. At the centre of the semicircle is the lectern, where each day’s reading is given.

The choir is extended on either side of the sanctuary with benches in solid oak, enabling guests to participate in the worship performed by the monks. The altar and the stone column supporting the ambo are in granite.

The nave is more discreetly lit than the sanctuary, which has twelve stained-glass windows. Light streaming through these windows bathes the sanctuary in shimmering colours, evoking precious stones strewn over the ground in Heavenly Jerusalem.

Running alongside the north side of the nave is a long ambulatory which leads the faithful or temporary guests past the statue of St Guénolé to the Chapel of the Holy Sacrament. The chapel is oriented so that worshippers may pray facing the east. In both the choir and the nave, watchman’s lanterns provide light and allow the monks to pray during the night.


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Landévennec, 29560, France

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