RJ Chocolatier

The space was designed around the concept of showcasing both the unique hand-made chocolates in the retail area and the chocolatier creating the pieces in the production area of the store. Customers are invited to view the owner producing intricate sculptured and airbrushed pieces of chocolate through a glass window into the production room.
The retail part of the store was to have a major lure for customers. The dark chocolate floor and ceiling draw the customers eye to the back deep brown wall accented with the glowing store name and logo. The casework is clad in a wavy carved chocolate finish with back-lit acrylic surfaces to focus attention on the chocolates. The main display casework is curved to subtly follow the shape of the stores logo. Glass wall shelves on edge-lit pale blue panels display product and coordinate with the owners existing packaging. Sculptured light pendants accent the window display unit and back counter.
Requirements for the production room were to make a visually clean but inviting functional space. The area incorporates all equipment needed for the production of chocolates including such items as an enrobing unit, a bean grinder, worktables, and a walk-in cold room. The walls are painted a mint green and floors are sealed concrete for cost and function.
The retail and production spaces contrast and complement each other. This reinforces the clients vision of a sleek and minimal but inviting boutique that allows him access to his customers and exudes nothing but chocolate.


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14882 Clayton Road , Chesterfield, 63011 ,