Revival Sunset Chapel

A private chapel commissioned by Gabon’s former minister in honour of his deceased wife, Revival Sunset’s architecture builds on powerful symbols of the Christian afterlife. The chapel is a metaphor of life after death. The floors in black and white Carrara marble, the cross from which light enters at sunset, the water that is discharged in the vicinity of the tomb when it rains, those are all elements that have a strong symbolic value.

The dismantled chapel crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a container ship after being built in Italy. This allowed for a speedy and efficient construction process, with construction-related problems being solved in Italy, avoiding the costs of delays as well as buying and shipping new materials.

The 156-sq-m dry construction was assembled on site in Libreville, the capital of Gabon, in under one month by italian workers. From cor-ten steel and Carrara marble to u-glass and pine wood, the materials used play a role in emphasizing symbolism as well as creating a sustainable building. Thermal insulation and natural ventilation make the chapel suitable for the region’s climate.



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Libreville, Gabon

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