Restaurant Koi Sushi

SUSHI-KOI restaurant is located in the new area of bars and restaurants in the north of Aguascalientes City, Mexico. The design intent was to create a contemporary and very attractive building. The concept of the restaurant is Japanese food with lounge music.

The face of the main facade is an abstraction of a bamboo forest, the project was divided into three main areas: the terrace, common area and the mezzanine, each with a different appearance and scale.

The central circulation becomes the main design, goes through all areas, living through the route a number of spatial emotions. First access that passes over a water surface, then through the deck, later on the area of tables and last reached the stairs where there is a pond with koi fish.

Each space has a distinct appeal, ranging from the more than 250 Buddha heads in the VIP to the attractive lighting color painting the ceiling, but with a warm yellow light to all customers.  Koi is a small restaurant but has drawn attention for its careful design in every detail.


Project Type


Galerías, Aguascalientes, Mexico

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  • René Arellano Marchand, Brenda Martin del Campo Mora, Alice García Malo, Paulina Gutiérrez Hoyos, David de los Ríos Juárez, Ernesto López Romo, Natalia Gutiérrez Romo, Lorena López Martínez, Raphael Montoya
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