Reconstruction of Ramses Square in Cairo, Egypt

Urban Development Competition, Project of Ramses Square Reconstruction in Cairo, Egypt An innovative, radically new design of transport interchanges and on-ground parking is offered. The highway is shifted outside the square. Parking is located in specially designed spiral-shaped craters. Ramses Square becomes a pedestrian area. Whirlpool-helix serves as a transport interchange for a highway without traffic lights. The highway is laid in the four-level “tube”, hanging on the bridge.

  • Light metro line is available at the first level.
  • The second level includes urban, transit infrastructure (water, gas, electricity supply, digital communication etc)
  • The third and the fourth levels, the “tubes”, are reserved for traffic

Oncoming traffic on different surfaces allows to increase the number of road lanes and facilitates the decoupling highway without traffic lights (head movements do not overlap, which makes both right and left turns optimal). Architects: Gohar ISAKHANYAN, Sevada PETROSYAN, Telemak ANANYAN, Armen GHAVTCHYAN, Argina KOCHKOYAN 3D modeling and visualization: Karen AGHAJANYAN, Vahagn MKRTCHYAN, Diana AGHAJANYAN


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Ramses Square, Cairo, Egypt

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