Ravenscourt House

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We were commissioned to provide landscape related information for a detailed planning application for this proposed student accommodation development located in west London.

The proposed built form is comprised of three blocks that are orientated approximately north south. The central and east blocks are joined at ground floor level creating the main pedestrian entrance to the development. This arrangement of built form creates three courtyard spaces. The south and west courtyards are located at lower ground floor level whilst the north courtyard is at ground floor.

The three spaces have been designed to be visually pleasing when viewed from above whilst providing the necessary access routes through the scheme. The two lower ground floor courtyards have been designed as spaces for the students to inhabit and relax. Seating has been proposed and a variety of spaces have been created with proposed planting and small trees.

The north courtyard connects the entrance to the proposed development with the main road. This has been kept visually free of clutter to enable clear navigation to the main entrance. This space also allows for two disabled parking spaces, cycle storage and access to the plant and bin store rooms.


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London, United Kingdom (GB)

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