Rauf Raif Denktas Memorial and Museum

R.R. Denktaş was one of the leaders of the Turkish world during his lifelong. In this design regarding to the reference to the Turkish world,it is aimed to form Denktaş’ s memorial and memorial museum with the memorial of Türk Mukavemet Teşkilatı, Cumhuriyet Plantation Park, memorial park and nature museum, together.

The founder president’s -R.R. Denktaş- tomb is a monumental tower and a solid mass that sits on a square base. Also, it symbolizes the abstract monuments of the Turkish geography. The simple and pure monument contains the memorial lounge with the light and shadow harmony.

In the memorial park, memorial walls creates a boundry for memorial museum, monumental tower and memorial square and it is surrounded by a pool with plants. The museum design introducing the square, provides the visitors with a trip in the history of Cyprus Turkish Society and integrating memorial- ceremony square and memorial park, there exists outdoor and indoor spaces and gardens which serve education and research facilities, is a big complex for visitors to enjoy at the same time.



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Lefkosa (Nicosia), Cyprus Island

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