Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law

The Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law by Architectus and Guymer Bailey Architects successfully creates a legal precinct unique in Australia. The design reimagines the western end of Brisbane’s George Street, completing one of nation’s most important Colonial civic axes with a major new public square for the city.

The project makes a radical departure from traditional court design, providing open, accessible and transparent spaces designed to express values at the heart of our democratic way of life including fairness and openness. By co-locating the Supreme Court and District Court the complex heralds a new era of justice with greatly enhanced facilities for victims of crime, witnesses, jurors, lawyers, judges and members of the public.

The design makes full use of natural light in all the courts, public waiting spaces and offices through an innovative double skin glass façade that achieves environmental shading and light control. The result is a strongly contemporary design comprising generously scaled and simply detailed internal spaces of quiet dignity and presence. This is a landmark building resolved with boldness and clarity that will create an enduring legacy befitting the city, its institutions and the State of Queensland.


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Queensland, Australia

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