Temporary architecture serves as the experimental and theoretical base of many of past and future projects of Collaborative Architecture. They are crucibles, where seminal ideas are tested, modified and re-structured for large scale adaptation / implementation in future. PROTOTYPE NON is the latest of the experimental installations by the studio.

The project was part of a design showcase by Universal Expo and Index Media as a part of their 2008 Trade expo in Mumbai, India. 10 prominent practices in the country were given a space of 5m X 5m to come up with conceptual and space making ideas.
PROTOTYPE NON as the name indicates is a prototypical installation devoid of any imminent / obvious functional connotation – a pure spatial exercise to test new strategies for conceiving and evolving new spaces. At Index it worked as a concept retail space for the Italian furniture brand MOROSO.

This is one of the seminal digital projects from the studio, which explores the potentials of construction tectonics in giving unique character to the space generated. The panels are the building blocks of PROTOTYPE NON and they are weaved instead of stacked to form the architectural space.

The project is notable for its extremely simple detail and construction. The panels are made of MDF boards with mild steel frameworks, which were pre-fabricated and erected at site. The whole pavilion is finished with acrylic emulsion paint.


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