Primary Care Center

The building fits into its immediate urban context, as it identifies the specificity of the pre-existing buildings on the site. It is adjusted around them with the goal of giving them new value.

The volume in relation to the street has two floors, a direct encounter with the sidewalk and vertical openings. Instead, the volumes facing the railway have a single story, are high on the ground and the openings are unified in a single horizontal strip.

The row of poplars and the old railway facilities warehouse define the exterior limits of the access.

The lobby is strategically positioned in the center of the building, acting as a panoptic space that articulates and relates the different functional areas, as well as the views of the pre-existing exteriors.

At one end of the lobby, a courtyard surrounds the large poplar and allows us to separate, on its two other sides, the health education classroom and consultation area.

Consultation rooms are located on both sides of a waiting area lit naturally through two skylights oriented intentionally to frame the foliage of the poplars.

In the continuing care area, the waiting room has a double height and a window at the end that frames the old warehouse and the row of poplars at the access.


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Carrer Manresa, Sant Vicenç de Castellet, Barcelona, Spain

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  • 05 AM Arquitectura
  • Joan Arnau Farràs, Carmen Muñoz Ramírez
  • Jordi Sánchez
  • Genescà Molist S.L.
  • GEPRO engineering
  • Antoni Ventura i Carles Valldeperas, AVIASAT. Dirección de Ejecución
  • Sergi Pérez y Anna Badias
  • GISA
  • Construcciones Cots i Claret S.L.
  • José Hevia