Platina Office Complex


Platina is an office building by de.Sign (New York | Mumbai) in the city of Surat India. the building is designed in two distinct parts: lower two floors are dedicated to shops directly accessible from the main street maximizing access and visibility afforded by the site’s corner location at the intersection of two streets. ground and upper ground floors with shops are seamlessly enclosed in continuous glass curtain wall that affords maximum visibility and transparency to allow shoppers to see the display of goods while the shops themselves become part and extension of the street environment. upper eight floors are designed exclusively for offices and are accessed from the main street as well as a grand canopy-covered entrance at the south side of the building dedicated primarily to the office-goers. the building mass of upper office floors is conceived as a ‘solar envelope’ that shapes the building’s form and architecture while providing much-desired weather protection against heat and rain.


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Vesu, Main Road, Surat, New York, 395007, United States

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