Pazia Plaza Indonesia

This project is a new retail outlet for Pazia in Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta. Like Pazia Fx, the shop houses diplays for Pazia products, customer service, a cafe, and an area dedicated for children.

With its size reaching almost six hundred metres, the site is given the condition of a fairly narrow entrance. ILATAAJ looked into a linear pattern repetition to encourage flow of the shopping mall into the depths of this store. The application of this pattern marks the display area, and the line meets from floor, wall, and ceiling. This pattern made of timber, vinyl, and stainless steel is imagined as a hollow volume that sits on top of a white environment which makes the cafe atmosphere.
The children area is expressed as a separate entity of yellow stacks aggregation cased in a grey frame.

An interactive surface by PQ Labs is installed close to the entrance. One of the main problems of the given site is a column sitting right in the middle of the entrance. The solution was a cladding of reflective stainless steel, arranged in a triangular panelisation of the cylindrical column. Its visual effects camouflages the columns presence and attracts mall passersby.


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Jl MHThamrin 28-30, Jakarta, 10350,