One City Marina Center

The project, developed in collaboration with Vanke, is located in Yantian District, Shengzhen, strategically situated along Dapeng Bay waterfront, opposite to the new tourist port currently under construction, pivot point and first phase of big future mixed use development including residential and commercial medium and high-rise.
The building, 2300 sqm of new construction on four floors, initially hosts Vanke sales office for the promotion of the new development, and will later be reconverted into a commercial facility for multiple tenants. Flexibility, thus, is a key principle in the design of layout, fa├žades, installations and interiors.
The volume is articulated in two faceted crystal-like prisms interlocked around the transparent quadruple height central atrium where a glass lift and the expressive flying staircase offer stunning points of view over the sea, Hong Kong islands in the background to the South and the mountains to the North.
A complex geometric pattern of two different tones of tinted glass decorates the slanted facades. Wide portions of these can slide open, integrating interior public areas with the surrounding landscape at the ground floor, and with the panoramic roof terrace at the fourth floor, an opportunity offered by the climate of Shenzhen.
A well-conceived circulation links all the different stages of the guest experience from the reception, through a multimedia display located at the fourth floor, area models and sample apartments, to lounges and areas for relaxation and discussion, indoor and outdoor.
Interiors are inspired to sailboats and yachting clubs, with a dominance of light tones, natural wood flooring and outdoor decking and furniture.


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Shenzhen, China

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