Olgiata Shopping Plaza

In addressing one of the most representative of the company in the present, that of consumption and leisure time elapsed between the storefronts that have become points of election for the exchange and sociability , the project reflects on the consequences of the principle that the inclusion of these structures involves urban and suburban contexts in which they are inserted. The starting point is just that the reduction of the volume expected from the indexes might have been against a context with a strong nature , whether canonically declined . The search for forms which, however, did not try the organic mimesis but instead restituissero a new and at the same time known , gave birth to the surfaces of the building. The artificiality of this truncated pyramid , a tangible sign of man while mindful of the natural slope of the land, makes the new subsidiary to be offered as an apparition , dialectical synthesis between architecture and environment , also as a historical continuum . How to protect a sacred mastaba below, the titanium zinc roof of the new building accommodates the places for the exchange and the local trade.
If the architecture can be compared to the words , then the etymology of this intervention is military architecture , aerodynamics, compact and essential. All this has contributed to the emergence of a nickname for the building , which is often called “Stealth ” as the American fighter .


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Via Cassia, Rome, Italy

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  • Laboratorio Di Architettura Design
  • Michelangelo Sabuzi Giuliani, Maria Carla Lini, Marcello Amalfitano, Andrea Torsello.
  • Olgiata Verde s.R.L.
  • Courtesy of Laboratorio Di Architettura Design