OLBN LEED Silver Certified Office Space

When OLBN expanded our DC office in 2012, it was done not only to provide a more open, functional working environment, but also to showcase our commitment to sustainability through obtaining certification as a LEED commercial interior.  Throughout the project OLBN partnered with the building management, Washington Real Estate Investment Trust (WRIT), to maximize sustainable elements not only for our space, but in support of the entire building.  Bike racks were installed in the building, low-flow plumbing fixtures installed in the shared restrooms and the buildings no-smoking policy was formalized with signage.
OLBN’s office was designed in an open, efficient floor plan with emphasis given to diverse teaming and work environments for the staff and integration of technology into the space.  An open studio space, bounded fully on two sides by a ribbon window maximizes natural sunlight into the space.  In addition to traditional meeting rooms, standing teaming tables are built into each of the OLBN designed workstation clusters and a flexible teaming area is provided adjacent to the studio to allow a variety of teaming opportunities.  A lounge was designed into the space to facilitate an additional creative teaming environment and, in working with WRIT, an exterior door was provided from the studio to convert an unused balcony space into an exterior environment for the staff.  Large screen LED televisions are provided in the teaming rooms and lounge to facilitate in house collaboration as well as video conferencing with our clients, teaming partners and other offices.


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600 Jefferson Street, Suite 205, Rockville, Maryland, 20852, United States

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