Olaya Metro-Station

In addition to the technical and functional character of the transfer-station a unique design is proposed by elevated public gardens which extend over the entire area of the station and cascade down to Olaya Street. The undulating shape of the roof inspired by the beauty of the sand dunes in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, is planted and accessible – the Olaya dune park will become a new address in the center of the capital. This concept blends the typological elements of lush green gardens with the undulations of desert dunes. The natural interplay of architecture and landscape creates an oasis of communication for the people of the capital in the public space. Olaya Metro Station offers to the city of Riyadh the amenities of a major transportation hub together with public gardens. A symbiosis is formed between the two: the dune park benefi ting from accessibility by public transportation, while the Metro Station gains a significant destination in the form of the gardens.


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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


  • Gerber Architekten
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